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IF I ask from you what is an English Language / Grammar?

You will give me the answer that English is a Language And More than that It has a Very Good Hold and everybody Wants to learn English Language/Grammar And not only everybody wants to speak but also wants to write Proper English Language Without omitting a single rule of the English / Grammar . So in order to Learn English Language Grammar you have to go well-Known Institutes and have to Pay Fee And give Time for English Language Grammar But If you are an employee and your boss said or you have a need to learn English Language Grammar Naveedplace.com is giving you the Quality of English Language Lectures with their Structures Usages And Examples

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These English Language And Grammar Lectures are also for those who have already joined an English Language institute and wants to improve their English Language Grammar and also for Those who do not have a time to go English Language Grammar Institute Naveedplace.com is for everyone who wants to learn English Language Grammar and this website we have covered all the English Language Grammar .before in order to find this all you had to search in many websites Now no more Searching Just Learning and this website is also good for those students Who will have to give the paper of English and they do not have anyone who can Teach them

So for that kind of student naveedplace.com is the blessing and you can learn anywhere and in anytime Because this naveedplace.com has no time to close it will remain open for you everytime and Keep In your mind you Will not able to speak And Write English Language Grammar until you will not do the practice of English Language Grammar.

I designed my website Lectures in such way that even a child can also learn and Become an Expert in English Language Grammar And By myself I have gone through all the Chapters of English Language Grammar And I can assure you no other Website can give you Such a great Kind of English Language Lectures

and for you still Iam trying my Level best to give the best of the best English Language Grammar Lectures

Our aim is to educate the world with free education .For that we will do whatever we can do for education . but as being a student / Learner / Teacher Etc you should also do something for spreading the knowledge .So Learn and teach other with out any fee . Because money can be finished by spreading but knowledge increases more .....

More over you can contact us any time we will be happy to take your suggestion Questions and if we will not be able to give you answer on the spot . So please do not mind . As soon possible we will get time we will contact to you .... Thank You

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