Even IF - Conditionals without IF Usage, Examples In English


Even-If | Conditionals Without If

Usages of Even-If | Conditionals Without If

  • When no condition can effect the result

Even IF - Conditionals without IF Usage, Examples In English

Learn Even IF Conditionals without If Usages, Structures, and Examples with Video Lecture of Conditional English Learn conditional type’s conditional sentences

Structure of | Even-If Conditionals Without If

Sub + Verb + Obj + Even If + Sub + Verb + Obj

Even IF In English:

| Conditionals Without If Examples |

  1. She will not get married even if her parents allow her
  2. You can not sit in exams even if broad chairmans allow you
  3. You can not come late even if you infrom to manager
  4. I cannot Forget him even if all the world says me to forget him
  5. He can not drive a car even if he is above 18
  6. They can not cross the border even if they have a passport
  7. She Will not come even if you call her
  8. He Will not go to School even if you give him chocolate
  9. You can not watch T.v . even if you complete your HomeWork
  10. They are not allowed to suggest any medicine even if they have a knowledge
  11. She will not be irritated you even if you complain to her parents
  12. I Will not brake any rule even if iam in hurry
  13. He will play video games even if we stop his food
  14. They will give their best even if we say anything to them
  15. He will come late even if his parents scold him
  16. He remains upset even if I praise him
  17. She does not give an answer even if She apologizes
  18. He comes late even if i punish him
  19. My sinuses will not be normal even if i use many medicines
  20. Judge will not release my client even if I showe him proof
  21. They will think bad about us even if we do many things for them
  22. You can not use Mobile even if you are an owner
  23. He can not go early even if you have completed your Work
  24. You are not allowed to sit on her chair even if you are senior
  25. She will not talk even if I give her gifts
  26. They will not call you on stage even if you give them indications
  27. This old car will not start even if you repair it
  28. You will not earn more even if you join a new organization
  29. Her skin will not glow even if she uses an expensive creams
  30. They will not learn even if you change their School
  31. She will not be satisfied even if you cut your heart
  32. It will be keep running even if you plug out the wire
  33. You body will not grow even if you lift weights
  34. He will not release your friend even if you give him money
  35. They will not leave their habits even if you put them in a good environment
  36. She will not be able to hear even if they change her hear machine
  37. They will not leave smoking even if you hide cigarette from them
  38. She will not care about you even if you full fill her all desires
  39. This bike can not be sold even if you make fake papers
  40. They will not be agree to give you pant house even if you offer more than others
  41. He will not buy Clothes from him even if He gives him free
  42. He is not allowed to beat anybody even if he is a son of a Prime ministrator
  43. They will not thank you even if you do their Work
  44. She will ask even if her husband does not allow her
  45. She will not give an answer even if you change your number
  46. I can not reach early even if i come on Bike