Only If - Conditionals without IF Usage, Examples In English


Only If | Conditionals Without If

Usages of OnlyIf | Conditionals Without If

  • When only one condition can effect the result

Only If - Conditionals without IF Usage, Examples In English

Learn Only if Conditionals without If Usages, Structures, and Examples with Video Lecture of Conditional English Learn conditional type’s conditional sentences

Structure of | OnlyIf Conditionals Without If

Sub + verb + obj + Only If + sub + verb + obj

Only If

| Examples |

  1. You can sit in the examination hall only if you have an admit card
  2. You can go to America only if you have a visa and passport
  3. She can ride a bike only if She has a licence
  4. He can get eduction only if he has a money
  5. They can go only if They have a permission
  6. You can come with us only if you have a Permission letter
  7. She can sit here only if She has done B.S.C
  8. He can suggest medicine only if He has a knowledge
  9. They can come late only if they have asked from me
  10. You can come inside only if you are an owner
  11. She can come with me only if she wears helmet
  12. She can write only if It is an arrange period
  13. They come here only if they wear uniform
  14. We will get admission in College only if you teach us
  15. I will give holiday only if you complete your homework
  16. I will give you money only if you buy eggs
  17. They will be happy with you only if you pay them good amount
  18. You can get a good body only if you eat balance diet
  19. You can eat fish only if your doctor allows you
  20. They can swim only if they know swimming
  21. You can teach only if you have the Degree of M.S.C
  22. People can Speak English only if They do Practice
  23. You can make your name only if you work day in and day out
  24. Engine will start only if you change oil
  25. They can low their sugar level only if they care
  26. I can open engine only if i have a knowledge
  27. You can get respect only if you give respect
  28. I will repair it only if you pay me
  29. You can get happiness only if you pray
  30. We can move only if we have a power
  31. He will understand only if you beat him
  32. We will enjoy only if you come with us
  33. I will buy it only if you give us grantee
  34. I will watch film only if i sit on the first seat
  35. They will stop load shedding only if we save electricity
  36. I will bring it only if you do my work
  37. We can play with them only if they give us first chance
  38. We will leave this society only if We have a money
  39. I will use this medicine only if it works
  40. You can work in office only if you follow our rules
  41. He can become a President only if he is capable
  42. He can join army only if he has a good height
  43. She can sell it only if she has an experience
  44. They will make it better only if they want
  45. Your internet connection can start only if it is connected
  46. They will respect you only if you stop abuse
  47. They will make you a friend only if you smoke with them