OtherWise- Conditionals without IF Usage Examples In English


Other Wise | Conditionals Without If

Usages of Otherwise | Conditionals Without If

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OtherWise- Conditionals without IF Usage Examples In English

Learn OtherWise Conditionals without If Usages, Structures, and Examples with Video Lecture of Conditional English Learn conditional type’s conditional sentence

Otherwise : Structure | Conditionals Without If

Sub + verb + obj + Otherwise + sub + verb + obj

Otherwise Conditionals Without If

| Examples |

  1. Speak truth Otherwise everyone will call you a bad man
  2. Do not call me otherwise i will complain to police
  3. Do not shout in class otherwise teacher will punish us
  4. Do not Watch T.v to much otherwise your eyes will be weak
  5. Do not use extra lights otherwise you will have to pay extra bill
  6. Do not talk to me otherwise I call to Police
  7. He comes on time otherwise teachers abase him
  8. Do not try to help each other otherwise You will be punished
  9. Do not use calculator otherwise i will snatch your paper
  10. He wears helmet otherwise traffic Police will catch them
  11. Thank god She ironed my Clothes otherwise i will have to go office late
  12. Come on time otherwise your class will be missed
  13. Do not ride bike fast otherwise you will kill anybody
  14. Do not believe on everyone otherwise they will deceive you
  15. We should not eat jung food otherwise we will have to face Problem
  16. Use oil otherwise your hair will be weak
  17. Do not park your car here otherwise traffic Police will take your car
  18. Do not touch board with wet hand otherwise you will fell the shock
  19. Keep your footwears at the right place otherwise anyone will steal your footwears
  20. Please do not use Mobile otherwise you will have to pay fine
  21. I must change my bike tyre otherwise it will harm me
  22. We must close this hole otherwise mouse can come
  23. She must join a Summer Camp otherwise She will waste her time
  24. Do not mess with him otherwise he will destroy your Family
  25. Do not talk to me otherwise i will be late
  26. Do not make him your friend otherwise he will ask your mobile
  27. Do not give knife to him otherwise he will harm others
  28. Wake up early otherwise He will Sleep late
  29. Revise your home work otherwise you will not be able to give test
  30. Respect her otherwise She will punish you
  31. Pay your bill on time otherwise next time you will have to pay double
  32. Think something otherwise they will win
  33. Stay her otherwise She will have to wait for bus
  34. Do not speak loud otherwise she will degrade you
  35. Do something otherwise she will go
  36. Buy a new battery otherwise it will not work properly
  37. Come on time otherwise we will be worried about you
  38. Show your wound to a doctor otherwise it will create a problem for you
  39. Follow our rules otherwise you will not be allowed
  40. Know your limits otherwise we know our limits
  41. Change wiring otherwise it will burn
  42. Clean her teeth otherwise she will have to face the problem
  43. Take rest otherwise She will not do you work
  44. Keep your eyes otherwise they will not do perfect work`
  45. Do not use Wifi everywhere otherwise you can lose your data