UnLess - Conditionals without IF Usage, Examples In English


Unless | Conditionals Without If

Usages of UnLess | Conditionals Without If

  • If something does not happen first something unpleasent will happen

UnLess - Conditionals without IF Usage, Examples In English

Learn Unless Conditionals without If Usages, Structures, and Examples with Video Lecture of Conditional English Learn conditional type’s conditional sentences

Structure of UnLess | Conditionals Without If

Sub + verb + obj + Unless + sub + verb + obj

UnLess | Conditionals Without If

| Examples |

  1. You can not sit in the Class unless you pay the fee
  2. You can not ride Unless you have a licence
  3. She will not come Unless he does not call her
  4. I will not go home Unless i do not get money
  5. She can not stand Unless she does not learn manners
  6. They will not leave you Unless you will not leave them
  7. It will not complete Unless you will not try to complete it
  8. It can not start Unless mechanic will not start it
  9. This car will not start Unless you do not start this car
  10. She will not understand Unless you do not punish
  11. He can not Speak English Unless he does not do pratice
  12. They Can not go there Unless they have a permission
  13. She can not ride a Bike Unless you are not above 18
  14. You can not Operate Computer Unless you have an authority
  15. You can not Read a book Unless you are in class
  16. We can not Learn Computer Unless you do not have a Computer
  17. She can not drive a car Unless petrol is not finished
  18. You can not Speak Punjabi Unless you do not learn
  19. They can not Smoke Unless They are in public Place
  20. They can not memorize vocabs very easily Unless they use them
  21. She can not teach Computer Unless she has a degree
  22. She can not do makeup Unless she has a time
  23. It can not install Windows Unless i have a licence
  24. Keys can not unlock the lock Unless you unlock it
  25. battery can not store current Unless generater works
  26. You can not lift the bags Unless you a permission from a doctor
  27. My Student can not win the cup Unless they have a courage
  28. We can not fight Unless you do not learn Martial Art
  29. They can not stop us Unless we stop ourself
  30. We can not learn from everyone Unless we want