Could -Modal Verb , Usages , Structure Examples | In English


Could | In English

Usages of Could | In English :

  • Past Ability
  • Request (Formal)
  • Permission (Formal)

Could -Modal Verb , Usages , Structure Examples | In English

Learn Could Modal Verb In English/Grammar With Its Usages , Structures, Examples And Also with Could Modal Verb with Video Lecture in English grammar/Language

Could Usages Explained

Past Ability (We Use Could To show the Past Ability) Ex: He Could run fast when he was young
Permission ( We use could for taking Permission )

Could Structure

Sub + Could + V1st + Object
Subject = Means Who or what perform the action
Verb = A word which is used to indicate the act is called verb

Examples Of Could

Past Ability

  1. They Could Speak English
  2. He Could Sing A Song
  3. I could destory toys
  4. She could play with us
  5. We could go to School
  6. He could run fast when he was young
  7. He could cook food
  8. He could walk
  9. She could sit with her firends
  10. We could repair T.v
  11. She could make her hairs straight
  12. He could see
  13. She could get first Position
  14. He could ride a bike
  15. You could beat him
  16. You could come with us
  17. You could say us
  18. I could do something for you
  19. They could beat you
  20. You could meet with me
  21. She could operate Computer
  22. She could unlock the lock
  23. He could enjoy with us
  24. She could kill you
  25. You could do 20 push ups
  26. You could arrest him
  27. You could earn money
  28. You could get this offer
  29. She could Punish you
  30. He could hit him
  31. We could go together
  32. You could buy an expensive Mobiles
  33. He could live alone
  34. We could awake late night
  35. She could see without Glasses
  36. I could wear my old shoes
  37. I could eat oily food

Examples Of Could


  1. Could i sit here Please?
  2. Could i Drink Water?
  3. Could i sit next to you?
  4. Could He come here?
  5. Could we recite holy book?
  6. Could they reach here?
  7. Could they check this?
  8. Could We moemorize it?
  9. Could I speak?
  10. Could She ask questions?
  11. Could We read book?
  12. Could She see us?
  13. Could I ride a bike?
  14. Could we go?
  15. Could we join army?
  16. Could i wash my face?
  17. Could I exchange books?
  18. Could i watch T.V?
  19. Could we Sleep?
  20. Could i burn?
  21. Could we stop?
  22. Could we change our Computers?
  23. Could i take his number?
  24. Could i buy a new laptop?

Examples Of Could


  1. Could you help me?
  2. Could you bring a Glass of Water for me?
  3. Could you Please Complete My Work?
  4. Could You Please PickUp My Phone?
  5. Could you Please Pick me up from the Airport?
  6. Could You Please Visit My Website?
  7. Could you Please lift it for me?
  8. Could you Please Drop me?
  9. Could You Please push my car?
  10. Could You Please Start my Bike?
  11. Could You Please check my book?
  12. Could You Please Publish my book?
  13. Could You Please give me a Glass of Water?
  14. Could You Switch off my mobile?
  15. Could You Please knock the door?

Structure of Negative Could | In English:

Sub + Could + not + V1st + Object

Examples Of Could


  1. They Could not Speak English
  2. He Could not Sing A Song
  3. I could not destory toys
  4. She could not play with us
  5. We could not go to School
  6. He could not run fast when he was young
  7. He could not cook food
  8. He could not walk
  9. She could not sit with her firends
  10. We could not repair T.v
  11. He could not see
  12. She could not get first Position
  13. He could not ride a bike
  14. You could not beat him
  15. You could not come with us
  16. You could not say us
  17. I could not do something for you
  18. They could not beat you
  19. You could not meet with me
  20. She could not operate Computer
  21. She could not unlock the lock
  22. He could not enjoy with us
  23. She could not kill you
  24. You could not do 20 push ups
  25. You could not arrest him
  26. You could not earn money
  27. You could not get this offer
  28. She could not Punish you
  29. He could not hit him
  30. We could not go together
  31. You could not buy an expensive Mobiles
  32. He could not live alone
  33. We could not awake late night
  34. She could not see without Glasses
  35. I could not wear my old shoes
  36. I could not eat oily food

Structure of Interrogative of Could | In English:

Could + Sub + V1st + Object?

Examples Of Could


  1. Could They come inside?
  2. Could i Speak ?
  3. Could They Speak English?
  4. Could He Sing A Song?
  5. Could I destory toys ?
  6. Could She play with us?
  7. Could We go to School?
  8. Could He walk?
  9. Could She sit with her firends?
  10. Could We repair T.v?
  11. Could She get first Position?
  12. Could He ride a bike?
  13. Could You beat him?
  14. Could You come with us?
  15. Could You say us?
  16. Could I do something for you?
  17. Could They beat you?
  18. Could You meet with me?
  19. Could She operate Computer?
  20. Could She unlock the lock?
  21. Could He enjoy with us?
  22. Could She kill you?
  23. Could You do 20 push ups?
  24. Could You arrest him?
  25. Could You earn money?
  26. Could You get this offer?
  27. Could She Punish you?
  28. Could He hit him?
  29. Could We go together?
  30. Could You buy an expensive Mobiles?
  31. Could He live alone?
  32. Could We awake late night?
  33. Could She see without Glasses?
  34. Could I wear my old shoes?
  35. Could I eat oily food?

Interrogative Negative of Could

Could + Sub + not + V1st + Object?

Examples Of Could

Interrogative : Negative

  1. Could They not come inside?
  2. Could They not Speak English?
  3. Could He not Sing A Song?
  4. Could I not destory toys?
  5. Could She not play with us?
  6. Could We not go to School?
  7. Could He not run fast ?
  8. Could He not cook food?
  9. Could He not walk?
  10. Could She not sit with her firends w?
  11. Could We not repair T.v?
  12. Could She not make her haris straight?
  13. Could He not see?
  14. Could She not get first Position?
  15. Could He not ride a bike?
  16. Could You not beat him?
  17. Could You not come with us?
  18. Could I not do something for you?
  19. Could They not beat you?
  20. Could You not meet with me?
  21. Could She not operate Computer?
  22. Could She not unlock the lock?
  23. Could He not enjoy with us?
  24. Could She not kill you?
  25. Could You not do 20 push ups ?
  26. Could You not arrest him?
  27. Could You not earn money?
  28. Could You not get this offer?
  29. Could She not Punish you?
  30. Could He not hit him?
  31. Could We not go together?
  32. Could You not buy an expensive Mobiles?
  33. Could He not live alone?
  34. Could We not awake late night?
  35. Could She not see without Glasses?
  36. Could I not wear my old shoes?
  37. Could I not eat oily food?