Quite - Degree Adverb Usage, Structures, Examples, In English


Quite | Degree Adverb

Usage of Degree Adverb Quite | In English:

  • Stronger than fairly
  • Before a/an
  • It also means completely
  • Meaning depends in spoken

Quite - Degree Adverb Usage, Structures, Examples

Learn Quite Degree Adverb in English Grammar- Learn Usages of Quite in English, Examples, and Exercises Quite Degree Adverb, Structure with Video Lecture

Structure of Degree Adverb Quite | In English

Quite + adjective / Adverb / Verb

Degree Adverb quite | In English

Adjective : Examples

  1. He is quite experience
  2. These are quite costly
  3. She is quite Polite
  4. We are quite healthy
  5. She is quite smart
  6. Iam quite intelligent
  7. He is quite brave
  8. I was quite proud
  9. I was quite calm
  10. She is quite successful
  11. They were quite cruel
  12. He was quite generous
  13. It is quite perfect
  14. Iam quite confident
  15. He is quite attractive
  16. We were quite excited
  17. It is quite comfortable
  18. It was quite helpful for me
  19. They are quite jealous to me
  20. She was quite nervous
  21. We were quite distrubed
  22. We are quite disappointed
  23. That area was quite peacefull
  24. We were quite amused
  25. They were quite cooperative
  26. Your future is quite bright
  27. She is quite aggressive
  28. Iam quite fearless
  29. My cat is quite adorable
  30. It is quite alluring

Degree Adverb quite | In English

Verb : Examples

  1. I quite enjoyed the movie
  2. They quite play well
  3. I quite love my website
  4. We quite speak
  5. They quite Operate Computer
  6. They quite wear jeans
  7. We quite listen songs

Degree Adverb quite | In English

Adverb : Examples

  1. They write quite clearly
  2. He studies quite carefully
  3. I listen you quite happily
  4. They do job quite honestly
  5. He comes quite reguarly
  6. He meets quite secretly
  7. She gives Presenation quite camly
  8. They repair quite quickly
  9. She speaks quite loudly
  10. She talks quite foolishly
  11. They describe quite briefly
  12. It installs quite silently
  13. They beat quite angrily
  14. We walk quite slowly
  15. He walks quite fastly
  16. He pushed it quite softly
  17. He gives money quite kindly
  18. We give presentaion quite energetically
  19. He does this mistake quite rapidly

Degree Adverb quite | In English

Before a/an : Examples

  1. He is a quite intelligent boy
  2. He is a quite nice boy