>General Conditionals - Usages, Kinds, Examples | In English


General Conditionals

Usages of General Conditionals | In English

  • It shows general Truth Or Facts

General Conditionals - Usages, Kinds, Examples | In English

Learn General Conditionals Usages, Structures, Examples and Conditional sentences General Conditionals exercises With Video Lecture of zero conditional

Structure of General Conditionals | In English

If + Present simple + Present Simple

General Conditionals | In English

| Examples |

  1. If the flowers do not water , they fade
  2. if student do not work hard . They fail
  3. if we eat good . We look young
  4. if they follow teacher . they get success
  5. if you understand this concept . you make other
  6. if you run fast . your heart beats fast
  7. if we break any rule . we go to jail
  8. if Childrens sit with good friends they learn good things
  9. if You come early . You get whole Class
  10. if you do exercise . you gain muscles
  11. if we do not change . no other change
  12. if we use electricity we get bill
  13. if we use medicine we get health
  14. if we give money people work for us
  15. if We do not wear Sun Glasses Sun effects on our eyes
  16. if anyone swims after meal . they vomit
  17. if i eat sugar my heat beats increase
  18. if we practice anything we learn
  19. if She eats oily food she gets pimples
  20. if humans do not sleep they die
  21. if we do not care disease it becomes more worse
  22. if we have a money . we buy any thing
  23. if car has a petrol it starts
  24. if bulb fuses it does not give light
  25. if we do not write anything in paper we fail
  26. if our skin tears we fell pain
  27. if we through anything it goes down
  28. if we do job we earn
  29. if we boil water it boils at 100'C
  30. if They use key . they get it unlock
  31. if We go to moon . We use oxygen
  32. if We spend money . It decreases
  33. if We do not eat . We die
  34. if People smoke . They get cancer
  35. if We use antibotics . It effects
  36. if We through a ball . it goes down
  37. if Computer does not get electricity . It stops
  38. if We run fast .Our heart beats fast
  39. if They close eyes . They do not see