Had Better | All Usages Examples In English Language/Grammar


Had Better | In English

Usages of Had Better | In English:

  • Strong Advice With negative Effects
  • Immediate future

Had Better | All Usages Examples In English Language/Grammar

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Had Better | Usages Explained

Strong Advice With negative Effects Means Ex : Your hand was cut and someone wants to give a strong advice because he knows if you do not do something for your hand something can bad happen with you so in order to tell you this Had better will be used

Had Better | Structure

Sub + Had Better + V1st + Object
Subject = Means Who or what perform the action
Verb = A word which is used to indicate the act is called verb

Had Better | In English


  1. You are not feeling well .You Had better see a doctor
  2. There is a heavy rain outside . You had better take an umbrella
  3. You had better Lock your bike
  4. You had better Watch news Because the condition of your city is not well
  5. You Had better Learn Computer
  6. You Had better Learn English
  7. We Had better get Education
  8. She Had better respect others
  9. You Had better Love your parents
  10. You Had better teach Urdu
  11. She Had better Complete her Home Work
  12. She Had better drink plenty of Water
  13. She Had better ride a bike
  14. You Had better follow Rule And Regulations
  15. They Had better Write a letter
  16. Your Had better Perform prayer
  17. They Had better do ACCA
  18. They Had better do Practice
  19. She Had better Speak English
  20. We Had better Learn From Everone
  21. We Had better take a lunch
  22. You Had better See a doctor
  23. You Had better do exercise
  24. We Had better Call him
  25. We Had better sit here
  26. We Had better cry
  27. They Had better listen us
  28. He Had better Change
  29. He Had better do a job
  30. He Had better Watch T.V
  31. She Had better use make-up
  32. She Had better carry a purse
  33. She Had better Record Your Voice
  34. They Had better bury it
  35. They Had better Wash it
  36. He Had better inform you
  37. He Had better fix this problem
  38. He Had better recite Holy Book
  39. He Had better come on time
  40. He Had better read a book
  41. They Had better open it
  42. We Had better celebrate
  43. We Had better keep it
  44. She Had better talk with you
  45. You Had better go with him
  46. You Had better pay your bill
  47. They Had better drive a car
  48. You Had better give water to your plants
  49. We Had better eat clean
  50. They Had better bring it
  51. We Had better remove it
  52. They Had better change it

Had Better | Structure of Negative

Sub + Had Better + not + V1st + Object

Had Better | In English

Negative : Examples

  1. You are feeling well .You Had better not see a doctor
  2. You had better not take an umbrella
  3. You had better not Lock your bike
  4. You Had better not Learn Computer
  5. You Had better not Learn English
  6. We Had better not get Education
  7. She Had better not respect others
  8. You Had better not Love your parents
  9. You Had better not teach Urdu
  10. She Had better not Complete her Home Work
  11. She Had better not drink Water
  12. She Had better not ride a bike
  13. You Had better not follow Rule And Regulations
  14. They Had better not Write a letter
  15. They Had better not Perform prayer
  16. They Had better not do ACCA
  17. They Had better not do Practice
  18. She Had better not Speak English
  19. We Had better not Learn From Everone
  20. We Had better not take a lunch
  21. You Had better not See a doctor
  22. We Had better not Call him
  23. We Had better not sit here
  24. We Had better not cry
  25. They Had better not listen us
  26. He Had better not Change
  27. He Had better not do a job
  28. He Had better not Watch T.V
  29. She Had better not use make-up
  30. She Had better not carry a purse
  31. She Had better not Record Your Voice
  32. They Had better not bury it
  33. They Had better not Wash it
  34. He Had better not inform you
  35. He Had better not fix this problem
  36. He Had better not recite Holy Book
  37. He Had better not come on time
  38. They Had better not open it
  39. We Had better not celebrate
  40. We Had better not keep it
  41. She Had better not talk with you
  42. You Had better not go with him
  43. They Had better not drive a car
  44. We Had better not eat clean
  45. They Had better not bring it
  46. We Had better not remove it
  47. They Had better not change it

Strucrtue Of Interrogative Had better

Had + Subject + better + V1st + Obj ?

Had Better | In English

Interrogative : Examples

  1. Had You better not see a doctor?
  2. Had You had better not take an umbrella?
  3. Had You better Learn Computer?
  4. Had You better Learn English?
  5. Had We better get Education?
  6. Had She better respect others?
  7. Had You better Love your parents?
  8. Had You better teach Urdu?
  9. Had She better Complete her Home Work?
  10. Had She better drink Water?
  11. Had She better ride a bike?
  12. Had You better follow Rule And Regulations?
  13. Had They better Write a letter?
  14. Had They better do ACCA?
  15. Had They better do practice?
  16. Had She better Speak English?
  17. Had We better Learn From Everone?
  18. Had We better take a lunch?
  19. Had You better See a doctor?
  20. Had We better Call him?
  21. Had We better sit here?
  22. Had We better cry?
  23. Had They better listen us?
  24. Had He better Change?
  25. Had He better do a job?
  26. Had He better Watch T.V?
  27. Had She better use make-up?
  28. Had She better carry a purse?
  29. Had She better Record Your Voice?
  30. Had They better bury it?
  31. Had They better Wash it?
  32. Had He better inform you?
  33. Had He better fix this problem?
  34. Had He better come on time?
  35. Had He better read a book?
  36. Had They better open it?
  37. Had We better celebrate?
  38. Had We better keep it?
  39. Had She better talk with you?
  40. Had You better go with him?
  41. Had You better pay your bill?
  42. Had They better drive a car?
  43. Had They better bring it?
  44. Had We better remove it?
  45. Had They better change it?

Had Better | In English

Interro Negative : Examples

  1. Had You better not see a doctor?
  2. Had You had better not take an umbrella?
  3. Had You better not Learn Computer?
  4. Had You better not Learn English?
  5. Had We better not get Education?
  6. Had You better not Love your parents?
  7. Had You better not teach Urdu?
  8. Had She better not Complete her Home Work?
  9. Had She better not drink Water?
  10. Had She better not ride a bike?
  11. Had You better not follow Rule And Regulations?
  12. Had They better not Write a letter?
  13. Had They better not do ACCA?
  14. Had They better not do practice?
  15. Had She better not Speak English?
  16. Had We better not Learn From Everone?
  17. Had We better not take a lunch?
  18. Had You better not See a doctor?
  19. Had We better not Call him?
  20. Had We better not sit here?
  21. Had They better not listen us?
  22. Had He better not Change?
  23. Had He better not do a job?
  24. Had He better not Watch T.V?
  25. Had She better not use make-up?
  26. Had She better not carry a purse?
  27. Had She better not Record Your Voice?
  28. Had They better not bury it?
  29. Had They better not Wash it?
  30. Had He better not inform you?
  31. Had He better not fix this problem?
  32. Had He better not come on time?
  33. Had He better not read a book?
  34. Had They better not open it?
  35. Had We better not celebrate?
  36. Had We better not keep it?
  37. Had She better not talk with you?
  38. Had You better not go with him?
  39. Had You better not pay your bill?
  40. Had They better not drive a car?
  41. Had They better not bring it?
  42. Had We better not remove it?
  43. Had They better not change it?