Adverb - Examples , Sentences , Usages, Kinds In Urdu/Hindi


Adverb | In English

Usage of Adverb | In English :

  • A word which defines Adjective , Verb And Other Adverbs

Adverb - Examples , Sentences , Usages, Kinds In Urdu/Hindi

Learn Adverb what is a Adverb , Definition, Examples, and Usages with Adverb Kinds Like adverbs of degree, Adverb of place Video Lecture

Kinds / Types of Adverb

1) Place / Direction Adverb

Definition: - It describes the quality of noun

Examples Sentences:

  1. He goes there
  2. He comes here
  3. I looked everywhere
  4. Look Up/down
  5. He is standing upstairs / DownStaris

2) Adverb Of Time

Definition: - It tells the time of action when something Happens

Examples Sentences:

  1. Yesterday He went to School
  2. Coming Soon
  3. Iam still waiting for them
  4. He pays the bill monthly
  5. Yesterday She ate an ice-cream

3) Adverb of Frequency

Definition: - It tells how ofthen something happens

Examples Sentences:

  1. I always Speak English
  2. They Frequently come late
  3. We often Complete her Work
  4. She sometimes applies good quality make-Up
  5. He rarely Writes a letter

4) Adverbs of Manner

Definition: - It expresses In what way/manner somthing is done

Examples Sentences:

  1. He fought bravely
  2. He works carefully
  3. He Speaks English Bravely
  4. Sadly They come late
  5. Sadly She Completes her Work

5) Degree Adverb

Definition: - It expresses the extent or degree of something

Examples Sentences:

  1. The class is too big
  2. He works too carefully
  3. They study too many books
  4. I have too many Students
  5. They have too many phones

6) Focus Adverb

Definition: - It Focuses On Verb , Subject , Object

Examples Sentences:

  1. Only He Speaks English
  2. Only They come late
  3. Only She Completes Home Work
  4. Only He Writes a letter
  5. Only He learns Auto-Cad

7) Adverb Certainty

Definition: - It express the level of certainity

Examples Sentences:

  1. He is certainly right
  2. Surely She is saying right
  3. Surely I am going to School
  4. Surely She is eating an ice-cream
  5. Surely They are taking a Dinner

8) ViewPoint Adverb

Definition: - It express what point of view you are speaking

Examples Sentences:

  1. Morally , religiously , socially , ideologically