Many/Much, Usages, Examples | In English Language /Grammar



Usages of Many And Much | English:

  • Many we use for countable Noun/Things
  • Many we use for Uncountable Noun/Things

Many/Much, Usages, Examples | In English Language /Grammar

Learn Many/Much Countable and Un Countable Noun with Usages, Structures, and Examples and also with Many/Much Countable and Un Countable Video Lecture

Structure of Many And Much | In English

Sub + have/has + Many + noun
Sub + have/has + Much + noun

Many | In English


  1. I have many Students
  2. They have many phones
  3. She has many Laptops
  4. He has many Friends
  5. I have many Pens
  6. She has many makeup kits
  7. He has many Students
  8. He has many classes
  9. They have many Computers
  10. She has many laptops
  11. You have many minutes
  12. We have many websites
  13. I have many books
  14. She has many employees
  15. Z has many copies
  16. Website has many email ids
  17. Y has many toys
  18. He has many clothes
  19. I have many bags
  20. You have many mobiles
  21. They have many carpets
  22. I have many glasses
  23. They have many Cupboards
  24. She has many Pencils
  25. He has many papers
  26. They have many Televisions
  27. I have many Watches
  28. You have many L.C.Ds
  29. You have many Pillows
  30. They have many Clothes
  31. She has many Machines
  32. It has many Problems
  33. It has many Benefits
  34. She has many medals
  35. We have many light bulbs in our home
  36. She has many opportunities
  37. He has many dogs
  38. I have many microphones
  39. They have many jackets
  40. She buys many Apples
  41. They sell many Fruits
  42. They have many Empolyees
  43. I have learnt many Chapters
  44. We have many rigths
  45. We have many Shops
  46. I want many iphones
  47. There are many vehicles running on the road
  48. Now a days many Students are serious about their lives
  49. You have many minutes to talk with her
  50. I have many ideas which can change the world
  51. She has many compulsions
  52. They have many satellites
  53. I have many channels
  54. It have many connections
  55. It has many links
  56. He has many Ways
  57. She has many Sources
  58. He had many Bad Friends
  59. This software has many Options
  60. I have installed many apps in my andriod
  61. I make many tutorials in a day
  62. You have many chances to prove yourself
  63. We should read many books in a week
  64. She has to sign in many pages
  65. You have many pimples
  66. You had many new Clothes

Much | In English


  1. I have much Knowledge
  2. They have much Sugar
  3. She has much Experience
  4. He has much Money
  5. There is much water in the jug
  6. She has much experience
  7. I have much time
  8. They have much petrol left in the car
  9. It has much oil
  10. They have much Salt
  11. We have much money
  12. We have much cement
  13. We have much score
  14. There is much darkness
  15. Here is much brightness
  16. We have much Problem
  17. She has a much nose
  18. They are much crazy
  19. She is much healthy
  20. He is much stupid
  21. They have much knowledge than him