Not Even – Usages, Ex, Structure | In English / Grammar


Not - Even | In English

Usages of Not-Even | In English:

  • Extreme surprise
  • Negative

Not - Even – Usages, Examples, Structure | In English / Grammar

Learn Not - Even Usages, Structures, and Examples and also with Not - Even with Video Lecture in English/Grammar we use it Extreme Surprise and when it is Negative

Usages of Not Even | In English Explained Detail

We use Not- Even When We are too much surprise with anthing or with anyone
Negative Surprise: Means Bad Surprise

Not Even | In English


  1. Nobody trust him not Even His Parents
  2. My Old Cars are not in good Condition Not even my New Car
  3. None of his New Shirts look Good on him Not even his Old Shirts
  4. My Pentium 4 is not running Fast Not Even My Core i7
  5. Nobody is Ready to lend him Money Not Even His Wife
  6. Riders when they ride bike they do not care about any body even not their own selves
  7. A lock is not opening even not with key maker
  8. The engine is not being started even not with mechanic
  9. He does not obey the orders of this Teachers not even his Parents
  10. I do not have light in my home not even in city
  11. Uneducated Peoples cannot Read book not Even Todays Educated Peoples
  12. He does not Allow anybody to come inside his Room Not Even His Mother
  13. She does respect anybody not even her Mother
  14. She does not eat spicy food not even her own Homemade spicy Food
  15. He does not complete his work early not even when he has to go somewhere early
  16. She does not take tension not even when she is giving exams
  17. They do not pay extra not even when employee is giving extra hours
  18. Save money for Future because nobody will help you not even your friends
  19. I Protected my box with password now i am trying to open it so it is not even opening with my password
  20. She is a very hard working girl nobody helps her not even her teacher
  21. No medicine is increasing my student's mind not even almonds
  22. This rock is very heavy we all tried to move it but it is not moving not even with bodybuilder
  23. Today weather is very hot and we not becoming cold not even AC cool air
  24. His condition is not becoming well not even with taking medicine with experienced doctor
  25. She got first position in exams nobody congratulate her not even her Relatives