Neither Nor - Usage, Structures, Examples, In English


Neither-Nor | Parallel Structure

Usage of Neither - Nor Parallel structure

  • To talk about negative qualities

Neither - Nor Usage, Structures, Examples, In English

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Structure of Neither-Nor (ParallelStrcutures)

Neither + Noun + nor + Noun
Neither + Pronoun + nor + Pronoun
Neither + Verb + nor + Verb
Neither + Adverb + nor + Adverb
Neither + Adjective + nor + Adjective

Neither - Nor | Parallel Structures

| Noun : Examples: |

  1. He is Neither a teacher Nor a Student
  2. He is Neither a doctor Nor an engineer
  3. She is Neither an artist Nor a mother
  4. She is Neither a painter Nor a mechanic
  5. They are Neither a businessman Nor a students
  6. It is Neither a Tablet Nor a Pc
  7. He is Neither a human Nor a boy
  8. It is Neither a bulb Nor a saver
  9. It is Neither a bike Nor a Car
  10. He is Neither a driver Nor a student
  11. It is Neither an ID Nor a license
  12. She is Neither a dancer Nor a singer
  13. He is Neither an electrician Nor a plumber
  14. He is Neither a boybuilder Nor a weight lifter
  15. It is Neither a book Nor a notebook
  16. It is Neither a battery Nor a weight
  17. It is Neither a Mobile Nor a Pc
  18. She is Neither an Android developer Nor an iphone developer
  19. It is Neither a Microphone Nor a recorder
  20. It is Neither a Chair Nor a table
  21. He is Neither a Programmer Nor an animator
  22. It is Neither a Glass Nor a jug

Neither - Nor | Parallel Structures

| Verb : Examples: |

  1. We Neither repair Nor test
  2. They Neither check Nor distribute
  3. They Neither cook Nor eat

Neither - Nor | Parallel Structures

| Pronoun : Examples: |

  1. Neither They Nor we are Rich
  2. Neither I Nor You are a good friend
  3. Neither I Nor You enjoy boybuilding
  4. Neither me Nor my family is going to picnic
  5. Neither I Nor she is going to start a new business

Neither - Nor | Parallel Structures

| Adjective : Examples: |

  1. He is Neither handsome Nor intelligent
  2. She is Neither beautiful Nor
  3. They are Neither rich Nor generous
  4. He is Neither smart Nor nice
  5. It is Neither appropriate Nor perfect
  6. It is Neither approachable Nor good
  7. It is Neither apparent Nor anxious

Neither - Nor | Parallel Structures

| Averb : Examples: |

  1. He works Neither quickly Nor carefully
  2. He works Neither fast Nor greatly