Passive Voice With Modals - Usages, Exercises, Examples


Passive Voice With Modals

List of Modals

Passive Voice With Modals - Usages, Exercises, Examples

Learn Passive Voice With Modals With Modals Usages, Structures, Rules Examples, Past Passive Voice With Modals tenses exercises With Video Lecture with Sentences In English/ Grammar

Passive Voice With HaveTo | Used To | Going To

Obj + can be + 3rd Verb
Obj + have to be + 3rd Verb
Obj + Used To be + 3rd Verb

Passive Voice with | Can

| Examples |

  1. Your Problem can be solved
  2. English can be spoken
  3. Bike can be repaired
  4. Computer can be operated
  5. Book can be read
  6. Holy book can be recited
  7. Computer can be learnt
  8. Punjabi can be spoken
  9. Lie can be told
  10. Vocabulary can be memorized
  11. English can be taught
  12. Make-up can be done
  13. Chairs can be made
  14. Windows can be installed
  15. Engine can be started
  16. Lock can be unlocked
  17. Current can be stored
  18. Bags can be lifted
  19. Cup can be won
  20. Everything can be seen
  21. Work can be completed
  22. Website can be visited
  23. Car can be pushed
  24. Generator can be started
  25. Water can be drunk
  26. Mobile can be used
  27. T.v can be watched
  28. Sugar can be taken
  29. Pimples can be removed
  30. Marks can be taken

Passive Voice With | Going To

| Examples |

  1. Football is going to be played
  2. Tutorials are going to be made
  3. Computer is going to be learnt
  4. English is going to be taught
  5. Class is going to be taken
  6. She is going to be beaten
  7. Study is going to be started
  8. Book is going to be read
  9. Holy Book is going to be recited
  10. Vocabulary is going to be memorized
  11. Voice is going to be recorded
  12. Presentation is going to be given
  13. Computer is going to be operated
  14. Cars are going to be destroyed
  15. Buildings are going to be demolished
  16. She is going to be accused
  17. Work is going to be completed
  18. T.v is going to be watched
  19. Marriage is going to be happened
  20. Relation is going to be made
  21. Computer is going to be Connected
  22. Room is going to be cleaned
  23. Result is going to be shown
  24. Admission is going to be given
  25. Diploma is going to be done
  26. Medicine is going to be taken
  27. Examples are going to be made

Passive Voice With | Used To

| Examples |

  1. Junk Food used to be eaten
  2. Games used to be played
  3. Ice-Cream used to be eaten
  4. Style used to be changed
  5. Football used to be played
  6. Car used to be cleaned
  7. Accounting used to be learnt
  8. Aeroplanes used to be made
  9. Betel nuts used to be taken
  10. Pen used to be borrowed
  11. Homework used to be completed
  12. 1st position used to be taken
  13. Movies used to be watched
  14. Parents used to be respected
  15. Juice used to be drunk
  16. Examples used to be given
  17. Job used to be searched
  18. Pentium 4 used to be operated

Passive Voice With | Have / Has To

| Examples |

  1. Work has to be completed
  2. Uniform has to be Worn
  3. English has to be learnt
  4. Boss has to be reported
  5. Mobile has to be used
  6. Computer has to be operated
  7. Money has to be earned
  8. Books have to be read
  9. Job has to be searched
  10. Mobile has to be kept
  11. T.v has to be repaired
  12. Rules have to be followed
  13. Bulb has to be changed