Past Wish - Kinds , Examples of All Tenses | In English


Past Wish | In English

Usage of | Past Wish

  • When Something Impossible in the Past

Past Wish - Kinds, Examples of All Tenses | In English

Learn Past Wish Grammar- Usages of Past Wish , Examples, and Structures and Exercises of Past Wish with Video Lecture in English Language

Changes | In Past Wish

1. Past Indefinite ---- Past Perfect
2. Might/Could ----- Mighthave / Could Have + V3rd + Obj

Past Wish


Normal Examples Past Wish Examples
1 - We Did not get admission in college I Wish that we had got admission in the college
2 - He could not pass the exams I wish he could have passed the exams
3 - She did not Call him I wish She had called him
4 - He came today I wish he had not come today
5 - He operated my Computer I wish he had not operated my Computer
6 - She Used Mobile I wish She had not used Mobile
7 - We Went Sea View I wish We had not gone Sew View
8 - They not Recited Holy Book I wish they had recited Holy Book
9 - We did not eat Dinner I wish We had eaten Dinner
10 - She did not Perform Prayer I wish She had Performed Prayer
11 - I did not learn Engineering I wish I had learnt Engineering
12 - He could not repair Generator I wish He could have repaired Generator
13 - We Could fix this Problem I wish We Could not have fixed this Problem
14 - She Could not make Friends I wish She could have made friends
15 - It could start I wish It could not have started
16 - He could draw I wish he could not have drawn
17 - She could not Complete his Work I wish She could have Completed his Work
18 - He could Use It I wish he could not have used it
19 - She could Wash Dishes I wish She could not have washed Dishes
20 - He could decide I wish he not could have decided
21 - She might beat you I wish she might not have beaten you
22 - She did not come with us I wish She could have come with us
23 - I did not watch T.V I wish I had watched T.V
24 - They could forget us I wish they could not have forgotten us
25 - I did not use Anti-biotic I wish i had used Anti-biotic
26 - She did not read Novel I wish She had read Novel
27 - They did not finish my Work I wish They had finished my work
28 - He could come I wish he could not have come
29 - I did not celebrate Independence Day I wish I had celebrated Independence Day
30 - We visited your House I wish We had not visited your House
31 - We did not work for Country I wish We could have worked for Country
32 - We might buy a new Car I wish He might not have bough a new Car
33 - She did not Watch T.v I wish She had watched T.V
34 - They might live With out us I wish they might not have lived with us
35 - He did not follow Company Rules I wish he had followed Company Rules
36 - We did not Speak Truth I wish We could have spoken Truth
37 - She did not marry I wish She had married
38 - We could jump I wish We could not have jumped
39 - They could not see us alone I wish They could have seen us alone
40 - We did earn money from you I wish We had earned money from you
41 - She could pass the exams I wish She could not have passed the exams
42 - It did not start I wish it had started
43 - I did not sleep I wish I had slept
44 - I did not wake up I wish I had woke up
45 - He could teach them I wish he could not have taught them
46 - They might slap them I wish they may not have slapped them
47 - I might apply Cream I wish I may not have applied Cream
48 - I could cook Biryani I wish i could not have cooked biryani
49 - She did not clean it I wish She have cleaned it