Possessive Adjective Definition, Examples, Exercises


Possessive Adjective

Definition of Possessive Adjective English :

  • It tells possession Or Ownership
  • For Ex : My , Our, Your , His , Her , Their
  • This is my Computer ← Possessive Adjective

  • So in this example My is Possessive Adjective because My Is Showing possession Or Ownership
  • Now you can give answer to anybody that We use Possessive Adjective To Show Possession
  • Below we have some examples which will clear all your confusions

Possessive Adjective - Definition, Examples, Exercises

Learn Possessive Adjective - Definition, Examples, Exercises with list of possessive adjective - Definition, Examples, Exercises In English grammar Video

Possessive Adjective English

Exercises | Examples:

  1. This is your mobile
  2. This is my Computer
  3. That was my laptop
  4. They are my Students
  5. They have my phone
  6. She has my Laptop
  7. He is my Friend
  8. She has her makeup kits
  9. It was my class
  10. This is your laptop
  11. We have his websites
  12. I have her books
  13. Z has my copy
  14. Website has its own email ids
  15. Y has your toys
  16. He has their clothes
  17. I have her bags
  18. You have his mobiles
  19. They have her carpets
  20. I have my glasses
  21. They have his Cupboards
  22. She has her Pencils
  23. He has his papers
  24. They have their Televisions
  25. I have my Watches
  26. I have your L.C.Ds
  27. You have his Pillows
  28. They have my Clothes
  29. She has his Machines
  30. She has my medals
  31. He has my dog
  32. I have his microphone
  33. They have her jacket
  34. She buys her Apples
  35. They sell his Fruits
  36. They have your Empolyees
  37. I have studied my Chapters
  38. we only have our rights
  39. We have his Shops

list Of Possessive Adjective

  1. My
  2. Our
  3. Your
  4. His
  5. Her
  6. Their