Present Continuous Passive Voice Usages, Exercises, Examples


Present Continuous Passive Voice

Usages of Present Continuous | Passive Voice

Present Continuous Passive Voice Usages, Exercises, Examples

Learn Present Continuous Passive Voice Usages, Structures, Rules Examples, Past Passive Voice tenses exercises With Video Lecture with Sentences In English/ Grammar

Structure of Present Continuous Passive Voice

Object + is/am/are + being + 3rdVerb

Present Continuous : Passive Voice

| Examples |

Normal Present Continuous Examples Present Continuous Passive Voice
1 - I am writing a letter A letter is being written by me
2 - He is cooking Food Food is being cooked by me
3 - They are Playing football Football is being played by them
4 - She is making cake Cake is being made by her
5 - He is learning English English is being learnt by him
6 - They are starting Generator Generator is being started by them
7 - She is making changes Changes is being made by her
8 - I am repairing L.C.D L.C.D is being repaired by me
9 - I am making Tutorials Tutorials are being made by me
10 - They are implementing rules Rules are being implemented by them
11 - We take medicine Medicine is being taken by us
12 - She is understanding World World is being understood by her
13 - We are building buildings Buildings is being build by us
14 - He is cooking A Food A Food is being cooked by me
15 - We are selecting players Players are being selected
16 - We are painting homes Homes are being painted by us
17 - They are fighting with enemies Enemies are being fought by them
18 - She is calling them They are being called by her
19 - She is using make-up Make Up is being used by her
20 - He is cleaning Room Room is being cleaned by him
21 - We are celebrating independence Day Independence Day is being celebrated by us
22 - We are going to take him He is being taken by us
23 - They are buying Milk Milk is being bought
24 - He is taking Chicken Chicken is being taken
25 - He are cooking briyani briyani is being cooked
26 - Brain are controlling our body Our Body is being controlled
27 - Heart is pumping blood Blood is being pumped
28 - He is earning money Money is being earned
29 - He is reciting Holy Book Holy Book is being recited
30 - It is installing windows Windows is being installed
31 - He are buying a mobile A Mobile is being bought
32 - We are eating eggs Eggs is being eaten by us
33 - He is selling Biryani Biryani is being sold
34 - They are recording voice Voice is being recorded by them
35 - She is operating Computer Computer is being operated
36 - She is doing marketing Marketing is being done
37 - I am drinking Water Water is being drunk
38 - He is listening Songs Songs is being listened by him
39 - I am eating Ice-Cream Ice-Cream is being eaten
40 - He is performing Prayer Prayer is being performed
41 - They are buying Laptops Laptops is being bought
42 - They are catching Fishes Fishes is being caught
43 - She is killing mosquitoes Mosquitoes is being killed by her
44 - He is loving Bodybuilding Bodybuilding is being loved
45 - She are running Free Service Free Service is being run by her
46 - They are publishing my Designs My Designs is being published by them
47 - He is starting new Business New Business is being started
48 - He is ruling the country They country is being ruled
49 - They are showing aeroplanes Aeroplanes is being shown
50 - She is stealing Petrol Petrol is being stolen