Real Present Future Conditionals - Usages, Kinds, Examples


Real Present Future Conditionals

Usages of Real Present And Future | Conditionals

  • It shows real present and future situation

Real Present Future Conditionals - Usages, Kinds, Examples

Learn Real Present Future Conditionals Usages, Structures, Examples and Conditional sentences Real Present Future Conditionals exercises With Video Lecture

Structure of Real Present And Future Conditionals

If + Subject + 1st Verb + obj + sub +can/may/will + v.w + obj

Real Present Future | Conditional

| Examples |

  1. If you speak English , you will learn English
  2. If She studies Well .She will get a good job
  3. If He tells a lie . Nobody will believe him
  4. If they give them job . they will pray for them
  5. If we understand the power of a common man . We can rule the World
  6. If She learns .She can make a software
  7. If you go gym . You may get strong muscles
  8. If they come to me . I will advice them
  9. IT they work hard . They can get good marks
  10. If they go for picnic . I will also go with them
  11. If he passes the exams . I will buy a toy car for him
  12. If they call . then you can also call them
  13. If you give presentation . you can speak anywhere
  14. If you operate Computer . you can easily use Mobile
  15. If She rides normal bike .She may ride heavy bikes
  16. If you ride carefully . you will remain safe
  17. If He works in a good Office . He will earn more
  18. If you make example . you can understand it more better
  19. If he brings water . they may thanks him
  20. If They wear Cards . No one may stop them
  21. If you make a decision. nobody can stop you
  22. If they make friends . they will learn alot
  23. If you help others . God will be happy
  24. If do not take tension . your health will be better
  25. If do exercise . you will be healthy
  26. If he cares others . they may care him
  27. If you respect others . they will respect you
  28. If they do procession . they will get water
  29. If you come on time . you will understand all the concepts
  30. If they try to learn . they may learn many things
  31. If she sits with a mechanic . she can repair a car
  32. If we drink plenty of water . our will be healthy
  33. If you get up early . you may get to your office early
  34. If we eat balance diet . we can protect our self from many diseases
  35. If we stop one smoker. you can finish lung lancer patients
  36. If you use your brain for calculation your brain will be powerfull to calculate anything
  37. If it runs this Software . it can run heavy software as well
  38. If you can sell Mobiles . you can also sell Laptops
  39. If you stop smoking . you may save yourself from many diseases
  40. If they eat betel nuts . they will spit it everywhere
  41. If you lift 20 kg . you can also lift 30 kg
  42. If i park my car her . you can also park your car here
  43. if they clean their area i can also
  44. If they win the match . we can also
  45. If we finish this discussion . they will not care about us
  46. If i eat this medicine . you can eat also