During - Simple Prepositions - Usages,Examples | In English


During | Simple Preposition

Usage of During - Simple Preposition

  • When Something Happens

During - Simple Prepositions - Usages,Examples | In English

Learn During Simple Prepositions Grammar- Usages of During Prepositions , Examples, and Structures and Exercises with Video Lecture in English Language

During + noun

During - Simple Prepositions


  1. He was confused during the class. [ When Something Happens ]
  2. They were happy during the day time
  3. He came to me during the class
  4. He was confident during the Interview
  5. She was upset during the Class timings
  6. They were very excited during the marriage
  7. They were singing a songs during the mehndi
  8. He was enjoying during the fight
  9. He did cheating during the Exams
  10. She was giving up to the mark answers during the press conference
  11. We were dancing during the Lecture
  12. We were playing during swimming
  13. He was very alert during driving
  14. He forgets his surrounding during Watching T.V
  15. I was afraiding during operation
  16. They were crying during departure
  17. Why were you calling me during meeting?
  18. Why were they laughing during Presentation?
  19. My eyes were opened during the drama
  20. What were you feeling during illness
  21. What the doctor was doing during operation
  22. What did you eat during headache?
  23. How did you feel during this act?
  24. Would you like to eat popcorn during Movie?
  25. She has to give an answer during Job
  26. I was very happy during visit
  27. He was eating eggs during the drama
  28. I was playing games during charging
  29. One of the labour died during construction
  30. It was stopped during singing
  31. I was waiting for you during Lecture
  32. We were very energetic during Competition
  33. We eat fish during break-Time
  34. I have to wear duty clothes during job time
  35. I roar a lot during massage
  36. We use mirror during exercise
  37. They laugh too much during act
  38. She always remain upset during accused