Suppose | Structures Examples - In English Language/Gramamr


Suppose | In English

Usages of Suppose | In English:

  • To Think

Suppose | Structures Examples - In English Language/Gramamr

Learn Suppose to Sentences In Grammar With Suppose to Usages , Examples , Structure , Examples , Exercises , synonym With suppose to Video Lecture In English

Suppose Usages Explained

  • To Think Ex : We say I think but instead of I Think we can also say I Suppose

Suppose Structure

Subject + Supposed + Sentence
Subject = Means Who or what perform the action
Verb = A word which is used to indicate the act is called verb

Suppose | In English Examples

Examples :

  1. I Suppose . Today we have a match
  2. I Suppose . My bike piston is not working
  3. I Suppose . He is Comming Here
  4. I Suppose . I is not looking good
  5. They suppose .he is not a good player
  6. They Suppose . He is a nice man
  7. We Suppose . We are very happy
  8. I Suppose . She is very intelligent
  9. I Suppose . They dance well
  10. I Suppose . Today they will not come
  11. We Suppose . we are very lucky
  12. They Suppose .they are very smart
  13. I Suppose . You can not win the match
  14. I Suppose .They are very handsome
  15. I Suppose . She looks so beautiful
  16. I Suppose . we should take an admission
  17. They Suppose .I am buring something
  18. I Suppose . They have won the match
  19. We Suppose . She works hard
  20. We Suppose . we have to improve
  21. I Suppose .We should go outside
  22. They Suppose .We are a very good dancer
  23. I Suppose . He has a cancer
  24. They Suppose .He has a microwave oven
  25. I Suppose .He has done ACCA
  26. I Suppose .They went on Bike
  27. We Suppose .We should complete our education
  28. I Suppose .We should make a Software
  29. I Suppose .They are not thinking about us
  30. I Suppose .They are earning alot
  31. I Suppose . Iam a nice boy
  32. They Suppose .They need a wife
  33. We Suppose . He is upset
  34. We Suppose . They need a marker
  35. They Suppose . They are very Rich
  36. We Suppose .We are very lucky
  37. We Suppose .He needs us
  38. We Suppose .We should change lifestyle
  39. They Suppose .They can read any book
  40. They Suppose .They can complete their Work early
  41. I Suppose . I should make more tutorials
  42. I Suppose .I should learn Electronics
  43. We Suppose .We are not following Rules
  44. They Suppose .We are not good
  45. I Suppose .Today He is Very Happy
  46. I Suppose .Today i will be late