Though – Usages, Examples, Structure | In English/Grammar


Though | In English

Usages of Though | In English:

  • Un-Expected Result
  • Informal
  • Normally use in Firend Circle

Though – Usages, Examples, Structure | In English/Grammar

Learn Though In English - Usages , Structure , Examples With Video Lecture of though In English Language With Proper Examples

Though | Usages Explained

  • We use Though When We Face Un-Expected Result
  • Though is un In-foraml way to tell the UnExpected Result
  • Though Mostly use with Friends

Though | In English : Structure

Sub + V + Object + Though + Sub + V + Object
Subject = Means Who or what perform the action
Verb = A word which is used to indicate the act is called verb

Though | In English


  1. The Teacher Did not punish him though he was late
  2. I helped him though he did not help me
  3. She Borrowed money from Me though I did not Have
  4. He Prayed For Her though She Abused Her
  5. The Principle did not punish him though He misbehaved
  6. He went to party though He was very ill
  7. He is spending his Life Happy though he does have money
  8. They are still working though they are getting late
  9. Everybody says he is innocent though he is not
  10. We think about you though you don't
  11. He works hard though he doesn't get good marks in exams
  12. He has given His C.V EveryWhere though he is not getting any Job
  13. I care in my diet though I don't Get healthy weight
  14. She uses every cream on her face though She does not have a fair face
  15. He passed his B.A Exams with flying color though he is not studying further
  16. We parked our car on right place though Police took our bike
  17. He worked so hard for taking admission in Medical though he did not take an admission
  18. People know smoking is not good for health though they smoke
  19. He bought an expensive Mobile though it is not working
  20. Parents love their children through Childrens do not love their Parents
  21. She helped him though he did not help her
  22. He says correct though they don't value him
  23. We insist him to come with us though he says we don't insist him
  24. They have a generator though they do not use it
  25. He goes along on car though we are a good friend of him he does not give us lift
  26. I do not use much electricity though i get a huge amount of bill
  27. She cares about her diet though he gets weight
  28. She uses your mobiles though she has her own mobile
  29. He didn't call us though he said
  30. Still he smokes though he promised with us that he will never smoke again
  31. People waste their time on internet though they know they are doing wrong
  32. He was not cheating from his friend's paper though teacher cancelled his paper
  33. He is uneducated though he is in the good post
  34. I cleaned my dress properly though now it unclean