Soon - Time Adverb Usage , Examples , Exercises | In English


Soon | Time - Adverb

Usage of Soon - Time Adverb:

  • A short Time After Now/Then

Soon - Time Adverb Usage , Examples , Exercises | In English

Learn Soon Time Adverb Usage of Soon Time Adverb, Examples, and Structures, Exercises of Time Adverb Soon with Video Lecture in English Language with Sentences

Soon - Time Adverb


  1. Get Well Soon
  2. The Task was very hard but He finished it Soon
  3. Coming Soon
  4. We Will meet you soon
  5. Series between Pakistan and India Will be over soon
  6. Computer Courses Will be started soon
  7. Your Computer Will be repaired Soon
  8. He will soon realize
  9. She will understand soon
  10. They will start exercise You Soon
  11. This will stop Soon
  12. You will have to charge your Mobile Soon
  13. I will take break Fast Soon
  14. They will Sleep Soon
  15. Exams will be finished soon
  16. Physics paper was too tough and lengthy But Soon He Completed his Paper
  17. She did not have much time for Preparation But She did her all preparation Soon
  18. It was a very big problem But they Solved this problem soon
  19. We are going to Dubai Soon
  20. They are going to grave Soon
  21. Very Soon You will understand the power of your brain
  22. They will start this Machine Soon
  23. You will get Degree Soon
  24. You will get your Salary soon
  25. It was a long line . but the checker completed checking soon
  26. He finished his dreams soon
  27. Very Soon He will be diagnosed With Cancer
  28. He started taking medicine soon
  29. They are going to start a new company soon
  30. They will hire a new Employee soon
  31. We will let you know soon
  32. Your bike will be repaired soon
  33. They are going to beat him soon
  34. He brought a Laptop soon
  35. They will realize soon that they are not good for this job
  36. I soon understood
  37. He will soon feel
  38. He learned Computer Soon
  39. He did his Son's Marriage Soon
  40. Your problems will over soon
  41. We will see you Soon
  42. We will take a ride soon
  43. Groom Will Come Soon
  44. He did Her MakeUp Soon
  45. He Despite of not being mature He has understood the aim of his life Soon
  46. He is getting out of the car soon
  47. We will soon get into the bus
  48. We will be around thousands of crowd Soon
  49. I will be learning Electronics besides Software Engineering Soon
  50. They will do magic on you soon
  51. The time of namaz will start soon
  52. Your teeth will be broken soon
  53. The room will be filled with smoke soon