What is An Adverb Definition , Types | Examples Sentences


What Is An Adverb ?

What is An Adverb Definition:

  • A word which defines Adjective , Verb And Other Adverbs

  • So What is An Adjective - A word which defines and modify Noun
  • What is Verb - A word which is used to indicate the act is called verb

What is An Adverb? - Definition , Types | Examples Sentences

Learn What is An Adverb - Definition , Types / kinds | Examples Sentences with Adverb Parts of Speech Definition , Types Examples Sentences In English grammar

What Is An Adverb? Still Confuse !!!

Adverb - Defines Adjective

Example Sentence:

  • Ali is very intelligent

Ali ← Noun |
Very 'Adverb'
Intelligent← Adjective

Definition Explained:

So As you can see in this Adverb example intelligent is Adjective (Which Defines Noun) like tells the quality of noun like He means Noun (Noun is the name of place person or any name so in this example we have Ali so its means we are saying the quality of Ali ok so till now we have understood in this sentence Ali And Intelligent where Ali is Noun And Intelligent is adjective Now lets talk about Adverb defines adjective see intelligent means is telling Ali's Quality but very in this example is putting Ali to another level because by using Very we are saying Ali is not ordinary intelligent He Is the best

Adverb - Defines Verb

Example Sentence:

  • They Speak Politely

They ← Pronoun |
Speak ← Verb |

Definition Explained:

So As you can see in this Adverb example they is a pronoun and Speak is a verb but politely is an Adverb and if we say They Speak its fine but as we add adverb to the end so then it makes the verb more clear because before you knew they speak but did not know how do they speak but after putting adverb at the end now we now that they speak politely

Adverb - Defines Other Adverbs

Example Sentence:

  • They Speak very Politely

They ← Pronoun |
Speak ← Verb |
Very 'Defining Other Adverb'

Definition Explained:

This Adverb Example is very much like the second Example but we have just added Very which is Neither defining Adjective nor Verb its defining Adverb and this Example Adverb is Politely

Kinds / Types of Adverbs

  • There Are 8 kinds / Types Of Averb In English Grammar

  • Adverb of Place & Direction
  • Adverb of Time
  • Adverb of Frequency
  • Adverb of Manner
  • Adverb of Degree
  • Focus Adverb
  • Adverb of Certanity
  • Viewpoint Adverb

1) Adverb of Place / Direction


  • This Adverb of Place tells the place Where Something happens Means This Adverb We Use to show the Direction: Like
  • Ex: Iam going there
  • So In This Example As You Can See There Is the Adverb of Place Because its showing where am i going and giving Direction

Examples Sentences

  1. He goes there
  2. He comes here
  3. I looked everywhere
  4. Look Up/down
  5. He is standing upstairs / DownStaris

2) Adverb Of Time


  • It tells the time of action when something Happens
  • IndefiniteToday , Yesterday . Now , Then , Soon , Already , Still , Yet , Before , Tonight
  • Definite Weekly , daily, monthly , Hourly , yearly

Examples Sentences

  1. Yesterday He went to School
  2. Coming Soon
  3. Iam still waiting for them
  4. He pays the bill monthly
  5. Yesterday She ate an ice-cream

3) Adverb of Frequency

Definition: It Tells how often something happens

  • Example : They always Speak English
  • They ← Subject / Pronoun |
  • always 'Frequency Adverb '
  • Speak← Verb
  • English← Obj

  • So As You can see in this Example always is the adverb of frequency because if we just say They Speak English This is also fine but the word always is telling the frequency (Means: How many times)

Examples Sentences

  1. I always Speak English
  2. They Frequently come late
  3. We often Complete her Work
  4. She sometimes applies good quality make-Up
  5. He rarely Writes a letter

4) Adverbs of Manner

Definition: It Expresses In what Way/Manner somthing is done

  • Example : He works carefully
  • He ← Subject / Noun |
  • Works← Verb CarefullyAdverbs of Manner

Examples Sentences

  1. He fought bravely
  2. He works carefully
  3. He Speaks English Bravely
  4. Sadly They come late
  5. Sadly She Completes her Work

5) Adverbs of Degree

Definition: It expresses the extent or degree of something

  • For Example : The class is too big
  • Too ← In this Example Adverbs of Degree is Too because it is showing the Degree / Extent
  • Like: The Class Is big this is fine also but in order to show the degree we put too after putting too now we are saying the class is not just ordinary it is extra ordinary

Examples Sentences

  1. The class is too big
  2. He works too carefully
  3. They study too many books
  4. I have too many Students
  5. They have too many phones

6) Focus Adverb

Definition: It Focus Verb , Subject , Object

Examples Sentences

  1. Only He Speaks English
  2. Only They come late
  3. Only She Completes Home Work
  4. Only He Writes a letter
  5. Only He learns Auto-Cad

7) Adverb of Certainty

Definition: It express the level of certainity Surely , Certainly Etc

Examples Sentences

  1. He is certainly right
  2. Surely She is saying right
  3. Surely I am going to School
  4. Surely She is eating an ice-cream
  5. Surely They are taking a Dinner

8) ViewPoint Adverb

Definition: It express what point of view you are speaking Morally , religiously , socially , ideologically

Examples Sentences

  1. Morally , religiously , socially , ideologically