Adverbs Of Degree Definition, Exercises / Examples , List


Adverbs Of Degree

Adverbs of Degree Definition

  • It expresses the extent or degree of something
  • Very , Very much , so ,too , enough, quite , rather Etc

Adverbs Of Degree - Definition, Exercises / Examples , List

Learn Adverbs Of Degree Definition Exercises Examples List and also learn how to teach adverbs of degree with Definition exercises In English Language / Grammar

Adverbs Of Degree Definition - Explanation

For Example : The class is too big
Like: The Class Is big this is fine also but in order to show the degree we put too after putting too now we are saying the class is not just ordinary it is extra ordinary

Adverbs of Degree | In English

| Too : Examples / Exercises |

  1. The class is too big
  2. He works too carefully
  3. They study too many books
  4. I have too many Students
  5. They have too many phones
  6. She has too many Laptops
  7. He has too many Friends
  8. I have too many Pens
  9. She has too many makeup kits
  10. He has too many Students
  11. He has too many classes
  12. They have too many Computers
  13. She has too many laptops
  14. We have too many websites
  15. I have too many books
  16. she has too many employees
  17. Z has too many copies
  18. Website has too many email ids
  19. Y has too many toys
  20. He has too many clothes
  21. I have too many bags
  22. You have too many mobiles
  23. They have too many carpets
  24. I have too many glasses
  25. They have too many Cupboards
  26. She has too many Pencils
  27. He has too many papers
  28. They have too many Televisions
  29. I have too many Watches
  30. You have too many L.C.Ds
  31. You have too many Pillows
  32. They have too many Clothes
  33. She has too many Machines
  34. It has too many Benefits
  35. She has too many medals
  36. We have too many light bulbs at home
  37. She has too many opportunities
  38. He has too many dogs
  39. I have too many microphones
  40. They have too many jackets
  41. He has done too many mistakes
  42. She buys too many Apples
  43. They sell too many Fruits
  44. I have too learnt too many Chapters
  45. We have too many rigths
  46. We have too many Shops

Adverbs of Degree | In English

| Very : Examples / Exercises |

  1. He is very nice
  2. They are very sweet
  3. She is very Polite
  4. We are very healthy
  5. She is very smart
  6. Iam very intelligent
  7. He is very brave
  8. I was very proud
  9. I was very calm
  10. She is very successful
  11. They were very cruel
  12. He was very generous
  13. It is very perfect
  14. Iam very confident
  15. He is very attractive
  16. They will be very thankfull
  17. We were very excited
  18. It is very comfortable
  19. It was very helpful for me
  20. She was very nervous
  21. We are very disappointed
  22. That area was very peacefull
  23. We were very amused
  24. They were very cooperative
  25. Your future is very bright
  26. She is very aggressive
  27. Iam very fearless
  28. My cat is very adorable
  29. It is very alluring

Adverbs of Degree | In English

| Rather : Examples / Exercises |

  1. It is rather experience
  2. She is rather Polite
  3. We are rather healthy
  4. She is rather smart
  5. Iam rather intelligent
  6. He is rather brave
  7. I was rather proud
  8. I was rather calm
  9. She is rather successful
  10. They were rather cruel
  11. He was rather generous
  12. It is rather perfect
  13. Iam rather confident
  14. He is rather attractive
  15. We were rather excited
  16. It is rather comfortable
  17. They are rather jealous to me
  18. She was rather nervous
  19. We were rather disturbed
  20. We are rather disappointed
  21. That area was rather peacefull
  22. We were rather amused
  23. They were rather cooperative
  24. Your future is rather bright
  25. She is rather aggressive
  26. Iam rather fearless
  27. My cat is rather adorable
  28. It is rather alluring

Adverbs Of Degree list

  1. Very
  2. Very much
  3. so
  4. too
  5. enough
  6. quite
  7. rather