Adverbs of Certainty - Definition, Examples In English/Grammar


Adverbs Of Certainty

Definition of Adverbs of Certanity | In English:

  • It express the level of certainity
  • Surely , Certainly Etc

Adverbs of Certainty - Definition, Examples In English/Grammar

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Adverbs Of Certanity

| Examples |

  1. He is certainly right
  2. Surely She is saying right
  3. Surely I am going to School
  4. Surely She is eating an ice-cream
  5. Surely They are taking a Dinner
  6. Surely We are finishing our work
  7. Surely He are attending the English Language Class
  8. Surely He is taking a Dinner
  9. Surely She is completing her work
  10. Surely They is coming here
  11. Surely You are playing football
  12. Surely We are learning English
  13. Surely I am teaching English
  14. Surely We are waiting for you
  15. Surely She is dancing
  16. Surely It is installing
  17. Surely It is starting
  18. Surely We are thinking
  19. Surely They are drinking
  20. Surely They are taking Classes
  21. Surely She is making Cake
  22. Surely He is operating Computer
  23. Surely He is opening the door
  24. Surely She is watching TV
  25. Surely She is washing dishes
  26. Surely We are Sleeping
  27. Surely You are seeing me
  28. Surely I am reading a book
  29. Surely She is beating
  30. Surely He is running
  31. Surely We are laughing
  32. we are certainly doing fun
  33. I am Certainly closing a door
  34. Certainly We are riding a bike
  35. She is Certainly doing make-up
  36. She is Certainly cleaning her room
  37. Certainly They are Working with us
  38. Certainly She is helping me
  39. Certainly They have forgotten him
  40. Certainly I am checking
  41. Surely He is searching
  42. Surely They are developing
  43. Surely She is inventing
  44. Surely We are living
  45. It Certainly is running
  46. Surely I am changing my hard drive
  47. Surely He and you are destroying life